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Rogo ka upchaar

If there is belief in heart, there is no disease which can't be treated. It is promised by Bhai Naresh Kumar Dhall Ji, that if the sick person comes to me with belief and mediation, god names in mind, he will get freedom from old diseases. Here many of such diseases have treated, which could not cared by big Doctors, Vaid, and Hospitals. Bhai Naresh Ji, has cured Migraine, Half headache pain, Paralysis, Numbness in parts of the body (sharer ka ango ka sun ho jana) ,Knees Pain, Back Pain, Survical, Arthritis and other Psychosis. This court (darbar) is open for every such person who could not get freedom from diseases even going to good hospitals and doctors.

Disease treatment by Naresh ji

Bhari Naresh Kumar Dhall Ji, has got others freedom from there diseases by camping in different States of country and foreign. There are many Doctors,Teachers, High Govt. Officers, Poor Rickshaw Pullers, Stall Persons and Vegetable Sellers in his patients. Here every person is equal whether he is very rich or poor, here everyone is same.

इस मंदिर मै ना पैसा चाहिए और ना चाहिए नाम अपना आशीर्वाद देकर बोले जय श्री राम !